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Seagull has roots going back to 1859, with a factory in the historic center of the famous city of Bruges in Belgium.

It remains one of the last traditional fish smokehouses in the area and has become a modern factory exceeding 2000m2 of production space.

The company is strategically located in Bruges, on the border of the fishing routes between northern & southern Europe.

Seagull is specialized in making healthy & sustainable (pelagic) smoked fish products, commercialised with its national brand Appetit as well as with private labels.


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Seagull is committed to make vast efforts to reduce waste by installing structural recycling methods for carton & polystyrene.


The installation of a waste water treatment system ensures Seagull that all used and polluted water is treated & cleaned before having it released back in the sewerage network. 


Alternative natural energy sources such as wind & solar energy were addressed by allowing a wind turbine to be installed next to the factory & by filling the factory's roof in 2017 with more than 450 solar panels.

The next challenge is to find alternative sustainable packagings for our finished goods.

More news on this topic will follow soon.

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